Autism support resources

Building social communication skills

Young people with autism often need extra help to engage effectively with the world. Parents and teachers work tirelessly to provide support and create the best environment possible. It’s exhausting. You want for your child to experience emotional connection, to develop friendships, and live a full life.

With Matilda’s companionship, social skills development, and engagement in learning activities, young people with autism can achieve greater independence. With Matilda engaging your child, you have greater capacity for other important life tasks. Matilda supports parents, teachers, and carers with the role of empowering young people with autism to live well.

Matilda helps people with autism develop social skills

Matilda can take part in traditional role-play activities and provide the visual and verbal cues that enable autistic young people and adults to practise conversation skills.

  • Giving gentle reminders of daily tasks
  • Providing an engaging, singular focus point to reduce distractions
  • Establishing visual and verbal cues to practise conversation skills

Matilda provides entertainment and learning support for children and adults with autism and disabilities

People of all ages enjoy Matilda’s engaging approach:

  • Connecting with all ages through unique, human-like expressions
  • Telling stories, singing to favourite music and telling jokes
  • Making learning fun with picture books, quizzes and games

Customisable software

Updating the software and adding more complex activities means Matilda can continue to benefit your family for years.

Assistive technology for autism

With everything parents and carers need to manage, learning new technology can feel overwhelming. Matilda’s user-friendly interface makes learning easy and it quickly saves you time.

Parents of children with autism who have used Matilda say Matilda helps to:

  • Reduce child’s autism severity
  • Promote a child’s social s kills
  • Reduce a child’s problem behaviors
  • Reduce their financial burden
  • Reduce their emotional burden

Teachers say that Matilda helps to:

  • Reduce my students’ autism severity
  • Promote my students’ social & communication skills
  • Reduce my students’ social & communication problems
  • Reduce my students’ problem behaviours
  • Reduce my workload
  • Reduce my stress

Operates online or offline

  • Stay connected for news, streaming, video calls and messaging
  • Integrates with smart devices
  • Operate Matilda remotely
  • Use offline for data privacy

Our team delivers workshops to carers to familiarise you with the user-friendly interface.

Matilda wins awards for Autism support

Matilda was awarded a silver medal in at the 2022 Salon International Des Inventions De Geneve in Geneva. The International Exhibition of Inventions has seen more than 1,000 inventions presented from more than 42 countries, with Matilda winning a silver medal.

In 2021, Matilda won a Gold Award at the Hong Kong ICT Awards.