What can Matilda do?

August 22, 2022
Category: Product

While Matilda can provide services in a variety of settings, we are highlighting below some of its services in aged care, autism and Intellectual disability, business and learning.

Aged care:

Matilda provides engagement, companionship and services to help older people live independently as well as provide respite to their carers. It can help relieve carers of mundane and repetitive tasks. It is helpful for seniors living both with and without chronic disease, with a variety of functions designed to help with day-to-day tasks and around taking medications. As it’s age independent, your grandchildren can also come and play and learn with Matilda.

Matilda is a proactive, digitally inclusive support companion that also empowers people with mild and moderate dementia to become more resilient, stay home longer, keep socially connected and help their carers or relatives track their well being and health, and more.

Autism and Intellectual disability

Matilda has been deployed in home-based autism support, autism support centers, special needs schools and in disability centers. In these deployments, Matilda has:   

  • engaged and stimulated children and adults with autism who have limited verbal skills with sensory enrichment, games and exercises.
  • help improve social, communication and life skills of children and adults with autism in a non-judgemental manner through role play and games
  • provided support for daily living through reminders and person-centered services and more in non-judgemental manner

Business – Social enterprise

For social enterprises, Matilda can enable

  • enable inclusive design based business processes
  • support and enhance productivity of people with disability.
  • provide innovative AI services for improving efficiencies in business processes
  • enable capacity building
  • education and training services in various settings.
  •  multi-lingual services. 
  •  data analytics services.
  • workplace recruitment and training services

What more value will Matilda bring to my business?

  • Reduces the need for direct staff interactions during a global pandemic, while retaining a human-like interaction for your customers.
  • Allows communication with multiple people simultaneously without increasing staff numbers (e.g., can provide receptionist services).
  • Allows communication in various languages.
  • Allows for errorless adherence to procedures / scripts.
  • Helps demonstrate technological innovation to customers.
  • Reduces costs through enabling staff to spend their time on more complex tasks, reducing the need for people to manage the simplest tasks.

Can I integrate Matilda with my current booking system or customer relationship management platform?

Yes, Matilda can be linked to other systems, although this will generally require some customisation.

Learning and Support:

Matilda has been deployed in early learning centres and primary schools. It has also been used by high school students.

Early learning – Matilda incursion program

Matilda ensures that every child has the opportunity to engage with Matilda at their own pace. Training for educators, a simple
interface and ongoing technical support will provide confidence to early learning teachers and staff.
With a range of learning topics to choose from, Matilda can seamlessly integrate into early learning programs in ELC’s , with bonus opportunities to learn about the exciting world of robotics!

Matilda delivers 15 learning topics to 4-5 year old in the ELCs including

  • Stories, Songs, Games, Quizzes
  • STEAM Education
  • Communication
  • Social & Emotional Skills
  •  Exercise & Yoga
  • Support for Additional Needs

Digital Technology Skills and Social Entrepreneurship for School students

Matilda strives to a sustainable, socially responsible and an inclusive approach for introducing technology learning and training in schools. The unique design of Matilda facilitates among other aspects, creativity, critical thinking and curiosity among students from science or arts background on their journey to become social innovators and entrepreneurs. Matilda is popular among girls who see Matilda as an exciting problem solving tool in a social context for learning about technology, programming and STEAM skills.. Some tools for learning and social entrepreneurship are:

Unique social robot enabled AI workflow automation platform for social entrepreneurship and business process automation.
Platform for developing AI Apps using Matilda blocks interactive programming tool
Platform for data analytics and Al.

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