Matilda’s Journey

Matilda is not just a robot to assist the elderly or help people with disabilities to be able to do their activities or your everyday receptionist at your workplace. Matilda is a thought that started back in 1997 when Prof. Rajiv Khosla started his research on Human-centric systems and emotional intelligence systems.


Research and authored book publication

Prof Rajiv Khosla publishes his research in AI and machine learning with a human-centred approach


Research and authored book publication

The book describes an ontology of the human-centered virtual machine for intelligent systems which integrates the physical, social and organizational reality on the external plane with stakeholder goals, tasks and incentives, and organization culture on the internal plane of system development.

Research and authored book publication

The book focuses on analysis, design and development of human-centered e-business systems. The applications described in this work, facilitates both e-business analysis from a business professional’s perspective, and human-centered system design from a system development perspective


Rajiv files his patent on “Method and system for monitoring emotional state changes”  #2007327315


NEC’s C&C Labs, Japan

Prof Rajiv Khosla is invited by NEC’s C&C (Computers and Communication) Innovation Research Laboratories in Nara, Japan to talk about his research and patent. The agenda of the meet was how to bring about a social perspective to the design of intelligent robots.

Prof Rajiv starts as a consultant for the C&C Innovation Research Labs


RECCSI establishment

NEC funded research centre RECCSI started at La Trobe University with partners from Kyoto University, Japan to engage in open innovations to address societal problems like the aging population crisis


Canossa Homes, QLD

Australia’s first humanoid social robot (with human-like characteristics) MATILDA trials in an Italian residential aged care facility (Canossa Aged Care Home http://www.canossa.org.au/ ) in Trebonne, Northern Queensland. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ai1oqYXKrrY


Invitation for National Technology Workshop

Invited by the Australian government to formulate Australia’s Aged care Policy 2011  – Australian Government – Assistive Technologies enabled Workshop video


Alzheimer’s Australia funding

Funding from Alzheimer’s Australia for conducting Australia’s 1st home-based aged care trial, $130,000


Workflow automation with MATILDA

Embodying workflow automation (job interview) with Matilda  – Trial with La Trobe University students and staff


Residential trials @ The Ashby, Melbourne


Dementia Care

Australia’s 1st Home-based dementia care –  humanoid robot MATILDA deployed


Research Publication

Publication of Residential Aged care trials – ‘Embodying care in Matilda


Japan Country Strategy 2025

Research in Aged care included  in Australian government’s  2025 Japan country Strategy’ document


Alzheimer’s Australia report

Report on Home-based aged care trials submitted to Alzheimer’s Australia


Publication and trial outcomes

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In our journey to develop MATILDA we have gone through extensive research 


Human Centred Innovation Pty Ltd.

Human Centred Innovations Logo

June 2016, HCI was founded to commercialise the research done by Prof. Rajiv Khosla

The result of persistent development and close engagement with users is a unique social robot which enhances human qualities and transforms lives.

Learn more about what it means to design social robot enabled life-long care systems