Aged care digital support companion

Matilda is your companion for healthy ageing

Families, carers and healthcare providers are working hard to help older people and dementia sufferers to live a healthy life with dignity in the comfort of their own homes. The cost to families and the cost of carer burnout is high.

Matilda is an affordable solution that supports independent living. As well as active health status monitoring and alerts, this companion robot engages in a human-like manner, bringing comfort and joy to older people.

An older person’s Home Care Package could cover the cost of Matilda. Check with My Aged Care or your HCP provider about eligibility.

Hear about Matilda in the Australian Senate

Senator Helen Polley introduced Matilda for use in aged care reform in the Australian senate. Please follow the link below to see the full speech.

Senator Helen Polley’s speech (transcript available).

Supports carers providing health & wellness services

While older people are interacting with Matilda, Matilda is stimulating sensory and cognitive functions through personalised services . Matilda can send health and lifestyle information to carers and clinicians for attention and care. Prompts and alerts help with daily tasks.

Tracking health and wellbeing

  • Sensors monitor heart rate,, and assess emotional state to personalise services and connect with carers
  • Provides lifestyle information to clinicians and carers

*Note: Matilda also works offline for data privacy, if you do not wish to connect with health professionals in real time.

Keeps mind and body active

  • Provides medication reminders and support to stay on track with daily tasks
  • Prompts for exercise and movement
  • Maintains mental agility and improves memory with games and quizzes

Improves emotional wellbeing in home-based dementia care

Matilda helps people with dementia to keep in touch with loved ones and carers. Reduces social cost of care. Also enables social engagement with grand children.

  • Initiates video calls with ability to scan the room
  • Receives and plays videos from family members
  • Evidenced to engage people with dementia with multilingual services
  • Augments good memories with personalised services offline or online
  • supports carers with automatic scheduling and delivery of personalised services
  • Provides respite for carers and extends the time people with dementia can stay at home

Picking up on interaction data Matilda can adapt and respond. For example, creating a more positive environment for someone who appears disengaged , suggesting their favourite song or a game to engage or divert their mind in a new activity. Matilda supports carers who are constantly working to engage an older person.

Assistive technology for older people

Carers have limited time already, whether busy family members are fitting in caring responsibilities around work and home life, or service providers managing multiple client needs. Matilda makes learning easy and quickly saves you time.

Time-saving technology

  • Easy to use interface
  • Touch screen, voice, face or touch activated

Integrates with other devices

  • Connect to your smart devices, fit-bits and more
  • Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity

Operates online or offline

  • Stay connected for news, streaming, video calls and messaging
  • Use offline for data privacy

Our team delivers workshops to carers to familiarise you with the user-friendly interface.

Brings joy into the lives of older people

Matilda provides entertainment and engagement – helping to support carers, while increasing the emotional wellbeing of older people.

  • Joining Matilda in singing old favourites brings a smile to the elderly and carers alike
  • Storytelling time with Matilda is enjoyable and accessible for visually impaired
  • A team player, Matilda leads group activities and games such as bingo

Carers can focus on other areas of caregiving while Matilda runs activities.

Matilda wins Smart Ageing Award

Matilda was awarded a Gold Certificate of Excellence in the Smart Ageing Awards in Hong Kong in 2021.

Proven results for social robots enhancing quality of life

Funding from Alzheimers Australia, with the support of the City of Whittlesea and the Brotherhood of St Laurence, facilitated successful trials of Matilda social robots in Melbourne households in 2013. The outcomes included:

  • Breakdown of technology barriers between people with dementia and companion robots (universal acceptance by the couples and their extended families)
  • Co-existence of companion robots with pets
  • Emotional engagement and sensory enrichment through singing with the robots as well as their sustained and prolonged use by the couple
  • Increased social connectivity with their extended family
  • Respite for carers and partners
  • Increased resilience and ability to cope with daily life through reminders

Successful deployments of Matilda services are already well established in disability, aged care and education sectors across Hong Kong and Japan.