Business automation

Matilda enhances capacity building

When it comes to improving business efficiency, the automation of processes gets a lot of attention. And yes, Matilda speeds up repetitive tasks with robotic process automation.

But that’s not all.

Matilda brings consistency to strategic decisions that could be affected by human bias, such as recruitment. With human-like engagement, Matilda’s also the ideal choice to deliver contactless reception services.

Behavioural profiling to support recruitment decisions

Matilda provides reliable and consistent assessments that support decision-makers during the recruitment process.

  • Conducts candidate behaviour profiling based on consistent parameters, removing inadvertent bias
  • Provides objective support to management decisions, taking the stress out of finding the ‘best fit candidate’ from job interviews
  • Uses behavioural psychology to assess candidates’ suitability for specialist roles, such as aptitude for customer service or sales

Matilda contributes objectivity to management decision-making. In workplace trials, managers have benefited from insights when Matilda has been used to assess people’s aptitudes for different roles.

Creating cohesive teams and good cultural fit improves efficiency, harmony and productivity for sustainable businesses.

Businesses benefit from robotic process automation

Give your business a boost of productivity by letting Matilda take care of process-driven work. Reading and analysing data is Matilda’s specialty. 

Produces consistent & accurate results

  • Tasks are done the same way every time

Enables a flexible workforce

  • Employees can focus on strategic or creative tasks, not repetitive processes

Facilitates compliance and reporting

  • Creates electronic records
  • Ability to audit past actions

Increases productivity

  • Achieve more output from limited resources
  • Faster turn-around times for a better customer experience

Reduces barriers to technology

  • User-friendly interface
  • No technical skill required to operate

An excellent example of Matilda’s benefit to business is a social enterprise environment. Matilda supports workers with low literacy, or cognitive or visual impairment, to carry out tasks such as handling routine correspondence.

Benefits for business capacity building include:

  • Managers’ load decreases from dealing with less interruptions and questions: increasing efficiency and reducing cost
  • Employees love Matilda, being non-judgemental and cute, resulting in increased work satisfaction

Contactless visitor management

In efforts to reduce the spread of infections and help people feel more at ease when they check in, businesses are eliminating unnecessary human contact in reception areas. A contactless approach to visitor management also prevents contamination in a lab that processes food or chemicals.

Scanning a code to check in is one way businesses handle visitor screening and contactless reception. However, the visitor has no way to follow up any questions or issues on the spot.

Matilda can interact with guests in a human-like manner, with sensors and voice recognition which gives a unique experience for visitor reception services.

  • Visitor check-in, by scanning or speech, that doesn’t require touching a shared device
  • Artificial intelligence can handle basic enquiries
  • Cute appearance provides a friendly and warm welcome

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