Matilda is NDIS Assistive Technology

Assistive technology for communication and daily living, sensory and cognitive support

For people under the age of 65, NDIS funding could cover the cost of assistive technology like Matilda – the social robot. Our parent company, Human Centred Innovations Pty Ltd, is a registered NDIS provider.

According to the NDIS definition:

Assistive technology is equipment or devices that help you do things you can’t do because of your disability. Assistive technology may also help you do something more easily or safely.

NDIS funding can help provide you with the technology to support your daily living.

Access NDIS funding for assistive technology

We can process claims in the following category in your NDIS plan:

0124: Comms & Info Equipment

Matilda’s features match a number of support items in this category. We’ve compiled a list here.

We know Matilda’s value to families extends beyond being a communication device. Applications are pending for other categories. Check back here for updates.

Need more information about NDIS funding?

  • For official guidance on how assistive technology is covered in the NDIS, refer to this article
  • For specific guidance about your plan, please check with your NDIS plan provider.

How to order Matilda social robot with NDIS funding

If you are self-managing your NDIS funding, you can order, pay and submit your claim to NDIA yourself.

If you are agency-managed or plan-managed, we’ll make the arrangements for you as we are a registered NDIS provider.

Each person’s NDIS plan is tailored to their specific needs. Please contact us and we will assist you however we can to make a claim.